Appointment Setting Services

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Appointments with decision-makers.

No wasting your time and resources on prospects with no intention of buying. We strive to deliver relevant appointments with decision-makers with superior purchasing power. Let your sales team spend time on closing and not struggling.

Pay only for qualified appointments.

There are no compromises when it comes to the way you bet your money on our expertise. We charge only for qualified appointments. Keep away your concerns and reservations to experience the most reliable appointment-setting service around.

Short term contracts with long-term results.

No pressure of hefty agreements that make you feel stuck! We work on month-to-month contracts that will help you evaluate and make an informed decision. This also gives you the choice to terminate our services if you are not satisfied at any point – No questions asked!

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Identifying Ideal Customer Profile

We collect high-quality data from the market and derive deep insights into your ideal prospects. Based on the research insights, we develop the ideal persona most likely to buy your products and services. Based on the ideal persona, we hunt down the verified contacts of the key decision-makers to set your appointment. 

Results-Oriented Solutions

Creating A Unique Value Proposition

We identify the problems your target customers are facing that your business can solve. Further, we take a deep dive into your products and services to discover the solution you can offer your target customers. The next step is to align the customers’ problems and the solutions you offer to craft a compelling brand positioning. 

From Art to Science

Execution and Reporting

We set the goals and KPIs for all demand generation campaigns and track the performance every step of the way. Based on the set goals reach out to the ideal customer profiles with your brand message to generate their interest and fix an appointment. We ensure to keep you in the loop of every activity and the results of each campaign with detailed reports. 

Results-Oriented Solutions

Continuous Improvisation

Real growth comes when the best keeps getting better. We continuously push the envelope to improvise our tactics, processes, and skills to ascertain better than the best results for your business. 

About Us

Who we are

A team that’s on a mission to build your sales pipeline — and we are succeeding at it with every step we take each day.

We are the result drivers, taking businesses to the next level. is a one-stop channel where we empower businesses by facilitating more closure of deals through strategic appointment setting services executed by highly skilled inbound and outbound marketers.

Amidst the flourishing online world, a bunch of passionate SEO people found their thrill in taking businesses to the top of SERPs organically — LinkDoctor is where our story began. We have been delivering excellent results for businesses via ethical link-building and content marketing services. On our client’s demand, we quickly expanded to offer performance marketing services. However, our experience with appointment setting made us rethink and reinvent, evolving us into a complete appointment setting service agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing appointment setting saves time by eliminating disqualified leads and focusing on qualified prospects, thereby increasing conversion rates. It saves your resources and promotes a strong customer relationship, building a positive brand image and increasing sales opportunities.

An appointment setter contacts sales leads to schedule appointments. Appointment setters reach out through various means, such as cold calling and emailing. Then, the appointment setters qualify leads based on the size of the business and industry if they are interested in the product or service.

Appointment setting can increase sales by generating leads. If you choose appointment setting services, they have the expertise to grow interest for your product or service by explicitly targeting potential clients of your preferred demographic. They also optimize your sales strategy, thereby increasing lead conversions.

An appointment setter contacts leads on the web, by email, or on the phone. The appointment setter contacts qualified leads to explain your company’s product or service and gauge the potential client’s interest. During the appointment, they answer preliminary questions, and determine interest in your product or service.

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