Our Mission

To help businesses achieve new heights of growth through exceptional demand generation.

Our Story

Our Story

Coming from successful careers consulting Fortune 500 companies across the globe and a passion for SEO, Sam and Dan’s (our Co-founders) entrepreneurial itch led to the birth of LinkDoctor – our white hat link-building services. Everything was going great. Our client base continuously grew. Our team kept on expanding. We soon strengthened our offerings with ContentMarketing.io, our content marketing services.

While we were experts in inbound marketing and delivered remarkable results to businesses, we were not necessarily evolving. Our clients expected us to help them with outbound marketing as well. Since we were not outbound marketers, we decided to hire a well-known appointment setting agency which can be found at the top of the search results. This experience set us up to realize a massive demand for outbound demand generation services, but the results are often unsatisfactory — even if you hire a top agency.

We expected the agency to give us leads that would convert. We got 3 meetings in 3 months which didn’t convert. That meant we had to take matters into our own hands. We had to innovate and build everything from scratch. So, we built a team with the right skill sets, built our data stack, and took charge of all that’s necessary to offer a robust appointment setting service to our clients. We quickly nailed the process, evolving into Appointments.co – a comprehensive demand marketing agency.

Our Team


Samuel Darwin

Co-Founder and CEO

Daniel Martin

Co-Founder and COO
Our Culture

Our Culture

Great results are achieved in a great environment. We strive to create a strong culture where our people thrive and do better each day – for themselves and our clients!

The foundations of our company’s culture lay on:
  • Respecting everyone around us
  • Experimenting and reinventing (we do not fear failure!)
  • Aiming for excellence (and continuously upskilling)
  • Celebrating our success
  • Uplifting each other